July 7, 2016

Terrilyn passed at 11:50pm last night.  Darcy and I went down to see her one last time before she was transported to the funeral home for cremation.  

July 6, 2016

Darcy, Justin and I spent the night at Hospice of Dayton with Terri.  As Justin had to go to work, we headed for home about 6:30am.  Terri had a peaceful night. Back to see Terri at around 12:30 this afternoon.  I noticed her hands starting to show a slight ting of blue, but she is […]

July 5, 2016

It’s the wee hours of the morning, but I couldn’t sleep thinking about turning off the vent so I hopped in the car and came to the hospital. The night nurse is Brian. He said he gave her some ativan & dilaudid about 15 minutes before I got here. Her heart rate is 106 and her […]

July 4, 2016

Terri’s O2 was down to 88 when I first arrived, but by the time I was ready to go, it was back up to 95. She was pretty drugged and would open her eyes when I talked but that was about all I got as a response from her. I hung around about 3 hours […]

July 3, 2016

Terri’s mother went with me today to visit.  Terri said she slept good, but after she was awake for a bit talking to us she became anxious and complained that she could not breath.  The nurse gave her a couple of injections and she was pretty much asleep for the rest of our visit.

July 2, 2016

Well we are sadly at the end of the road.  Following Doctor Hussein’s advise, we spoke with Hospice of Dayton this afternoon.  As the antibiotics are no longer working and Terri’s infections are all becoming resistant to treatment, we changed her code from DNR-CCA over the Comfort Care DNR-CC. After a 48 hour wait period, […]